Broke-ass Stuart calls FURY "Impressive and Intense"

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“You remember the film Mad Max Fury Road, the mad chase through a post-apocalyptic desert that broke all sorts of cinematic rules and won a half a dozen Oscars?  Well, producer & dance filmmaker Kate Duhamel has produced a live action version of it to be performed in the round, chalk full of San Francisco Ballet & King Lines dancers, using the state of the art sound system at The Midway, a ton of multimedia effects, and live music performed by rock/pop band Yassou.  Are you following?  It sounds incredible, because it is.  The combination of artistry and multimedia is inventive, immersive, intensive, and plenty of other adjectives that start with the letter ‘i’, in fact I intend to use a lot of ‘i’ words in this preview.

When you cover as many events as I do, you rarely get very excited for a performance, but after hanging out at a Fury dance rehearsal and interviewing the band, I am legitimately inspired and excited for the show, and I’m not even being paid to say so.”

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