Creatives & Cast Behind FURY



Formed by James Jackson and front singer Lilie Hoy, YASSOU is a continually evolving group of musicians, producers, composers, and visual artists committed to bridging the worlds of pop and classical art. Named a band “that should be on your radar” by Billboard, YASSOU has been compared to Radiohead and FKA twigs.

Band members include Theo Quimby, Van Jackson Weaver, AJ Krumholz, and Patrick Aguirre.

Composer and violinist Kristina Dutton’s rigorous classical training led her toward a brief career in orchestral work, but she soon gave herself over to her love affair with the art of pop music, writing string arrangements for indie bands and performing with rockers like Glen Hansard, Peter Bjorn and John, and the Autumn Defense.

String players include Mia Bella D’Aguelli, HIllary Lewis, and Crystal Pascucci.


FURY was created with dancers from San Francisco Ballet and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. International freelance artists have joined for subsequent performances.

“Capable” and vocalist - Lilie Hoy of YASSOU

“Furiosa” - Kimberly Braylock (SFB) and Adji Cissoko (LINES Ballet)

“Max” - Babatunji (LINES Ballet)

“ Immortan Joe” - Andrew Brader, Luke Ingham (SFB), and Brett Conway

“Nux” - Kendall Teague and Michael Montgomery (LINES Ballet)

“Splendid” - Katerina Beckman and Jen Stahl-Weitz (SFB)

“Toast” - Ramona Kelley and Dores Andre (SFB)

“Keeper of the Seeds” - Britt Juleen and Frances Chung (SFB)


Kate Duhamel - Artistic Director + Executive Producer

James Jackson and Lillie Hoy - YASSOU

Kristina Dutton - Composer

Danielle Rowe - Choreographer

Michael Straun - Lighting Designer

Luke Acret - Creative Director

Brandon McFarland - Art Director

Vasily Vein - Costume Designer


Matt McKee - Director of Photography

Jamielyn Duggan - Costume Design

FURY would like to thank: