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FURY Kickstarter Campaign

Announcing the FURY Kickstarter Campaign, kicking off at Oakland First Fridays, July 5th. Please join us then!

The FURY shows were a hit, and sparked new projects and collaborations we’re excited to pursue.  Our goal is to keep building on an amazing start, and to keep the interdisciplinary idea at the heart of FURY growing.   

A year ago, FURY was still an in-vitro, genre-crossing experiment.  We had big ambitions, and a sense of freedom to try things, We wanted to break out of the mold, and surprise you with a collaboration you haven’t seen before.  We wanted you to feel excited and moved at the same time.  We wanted you to discover something new – especially that ballet isn’t what you thought it was.  We wanted you to feel “inside” the whole experience, with video all around, and performers right in front of you.  We wanted to draw you in with a super entertaining story.  We wanted to make you wonder if the singer was a dancer or the dancer was singer.  We wanted you to be blown away by the talent in front of you.  For us, this included a very talented indie band, seven of the best ballet dancers in the world, video surround creating an immersive, post-apocalyptic world, and putting all of this together in a music club to tell a story we all know and love:  Mad Max: Fury Road.    

To all who came, thank you! To all of our beloved friends and fans, we’re inviting you to come on our Kickstarter journey in July. We’ll have lots of new, rewards, and ways you can be part of our FURY family.

Later Event: August 27
FURY at Western Arts Alliance